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My PC Runs Slower Compares When It Was New!
What Can I Do to Fix My PC's Performance?

Things that make your old PC to run slower than usual and to crash and to have slow boot-ups can be from errors in its Windows registry and/or its hard disk directories or from malicious software such as spyware and computer virus. If the your PC is quite new but it runs much slower than usual, then most likely your PC is infected by computer virus and/or spyware.

Fix Errors in Windows Registry & Hard Disk

Problems with Windows registry such as missing and invalid references in Windows registry are common causes of PC slowing down, Windows crashing and error messages such as Runtime Error, ActiveX Errors, Rundll Error and any Dll errors. These problems can be the caused of incorrect removal of software and orphaned startup programs.

Problems with hard disk directories such as corrupted partition, boot sector not found, missing operating system error, invalid drive specification and virus damaged system file are common causes for hard drive crashes.

Lastly, missing or corrupt hardware drivers can make your PC unable to perform all its functions.

To fix problems with your Windows registry and hard disk directories and any other settings that are slowing down your PC's performance , you can check your PC to perform at its optimum speed using the following free instant scan:

FREE Instant Test using PCSpeedUP!

PC Doctor - DriverCure

PC Doctor - DllCure

DLL Cure - PC Doctor Software

Find and fix corrupt or missing dll file and any other dll related problems in simple steps.


Clean Your PC from Spyware & Computer Virus

If your PC is infected by spyware, then the performance of your PC will be terrible and your inbox will receive a lot of spam emails and your computer screen might receive a lot of pop-ups. When PC is infected by computer virus, its computer systems and its hard drive might get damaged by the virus. As a result, the infected PC will not perform well.

FREE Spyware and Virus Scan!

Computer Won't Boot-Up

If your PC has problems with it's Windows such as computer won't boot-up, you can try Spotmau PowerSuite Professional PC doctor software to help you in fixing your Windows problems easily, since it can be run without Windows running. This Windows toolkit software claims to allow you to choose which programs to run at Windows startup for keeping your computer running more efficiently and back-up your entire working computer systems for restoring your computer systems later in the event of computer systems crash.


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